onsdag, september 14, 2005

Sorry for waiting so long to update, but we only have one computer in the house and we are four foreign boys..

I have a "day off" today because on wednesdays everybody in the team is going to college. Well.. except me and a lad from Hungary. No Training and no school today for me then. I do got some homework from Sweden but I`ve got about 3 months before I must have done them.

I slept at a hotel in London the first night and travelled in the morning to the training ground. I trained with the team after Lunch, but it was a short training. Yesterday It was much harder training. 3 sessions(2 football trainings and 1 in the gym). But I missed the gym session and about 30 minutes of the last traing because I had to see the medic.

I think it went pretty good for me yesterday. In the end of the traning when we played with 2 goals I scored 4-5 goals and we won with about 7-2. I hope I`ll be selected to the game on saturday against Millwall because I've heard they have had problems to score in the last games.