torsdag, september 15, 2005


Today we have trained 3 times. One time in the gym(jobbigt) and two football sessions. The first football session was about defence position. How to act in situations that can happen in a match. We played 8 vs 6. 8 attackers and 6 defenders. It had rained(strange...) before the training so it was a little difficult to have controll over the ball, at least I thought so. But the training was mostly about running without ball luckily. A difference about the training here, from how it was in sweden, is that the Manager can stop the training just because one player have done something wrong. Then he goes to the player and confront him with the problem in front of everybody. I can say that we had quite many stops. We aren't perfect yet...

The second football session was only football baseball. Great Britain(with two australian players) against rest of Europe. Great Britain won, but it was nearly we won. Eric Lund was the last man to be the "kicker". Unfortunately he shot a too high ball so the other team could win the match. Important to know is that we had 3 goalkeepers in our team and they had none..

Oh.. I forgot to tell my number.. Because I arrived last of the players I got nr 18.. Eric has 13, I think.