måndag, september 19, 2005


The first team lost 2 points against Tottenham. Villa had the lead and Baros missed a great opportunity when it was a quarter left. Tottenham equalised just a minute after Baros chance. I think my team, u-18, played better football than the first team.. And This stood in the Match programme:
Swede Success
Villa have signed Tobias Lard Mikaelson from Vallens IF in Sweden. The 16-year-old has signed a three-year-contract, after a short trial in which he impressed the club's academy coaches. The tall, two footed striker, who knows Eric Lund, is being earmarked for the youth team. Academy director Bryan Jones said: "We hope he will be a valuable acquisition."

Yesterday I did nothing. Watch 2-3 matches on TV and just relaxed at home. I tried to do some homework aswell, but... erhh.. didn't do much of it...

Today I woke up at 9. Everybody else in the team were in College but I and Zoltan stayed at home in the morning. We met the other lads in Sutton and there we waited for the bus to take us to the training ground. While we were waiting on the bus many police cars went by us. Even a Police helicopter was there. I don't know what had happened but somebody said that there was a knife fight in the College.

The traing today was not so hard. We stood in circle and passed the ball around. That was pretty much of what we did... After that we went into the gym. That was harder.. But it gives result that you can see in a short time. And we write up everything we do and which weight we take, so the trainers can see how we improve without speaking to us.

And tomorrow I will speak with Bryan Jones, Academy director, about why I can't play and if we can do anything about it.. If we can't do anything about it, maybe I will come home over the weekend... ?