onsdag, september 21, 2005


yesterday was a hard day. 3 training sessions which one was in the gym. In the end of the last session we did some running and after that I was dead tired. When we came home I wanted to just fall asleep in my bed, but then it was only 20 min left until we were leaving because we were going to see the reserves playing against Blackburn.

The match ended 1 - 1 after a late equaliser from Blackburn. Eric played the last 30 min and were very close to score..

Today I have a day of when the other lads is going to College. That is nice.. because right now I'm stiff.


At 22 september, 2005 17:36, Blogger Marcus Axelsson said...

helo tobias!

fun to hear that you have it well over there! I hope I soon can watch you on Canal+ or the sportnytt. and else, go on with the training and do as the best you can!

In swede, it´s like it always is. I´m sorry to say this, and I know you already knows about it, but we were not so good against Kingsharbour. I think we miss you in our attackingplay more than we know. But on saturday, we´ll crush and burn lysekil and win the league

My english is not the best but I think you understand,...enjoy the proffs-life and haelsa Erik !..

//marcus axelsson


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