lördag, oktober 01, 2005

My first match!

The manager had told me that I hadn't got my clearence yet and I shouldn't play this game. But when I came to the training ground he told me I could play this match. Luckily I have all my equipment at the training ground.

The match started badly for us. They scored after only 2 min with a shot from a long distance. After 15 I scored my first goal for Aston Villa. The right back passed a slow ball back to the goalie. I got the ball in front of the goalie and just ran around him, I scored from about 2 m..

I also had a "frilage" but I shot in the side netting. My sister got a very good picture of my opportunity.

After about 30-35 min the goalie fell over me. So I have now some pain in my neck, but nothing is broken. I played until the 65 min, though. We won with 4 -1. It stood 3 -1 when I left the field.

Now i'm going out to eat with my sister.. Hopefully we also will se a movie.