måndag, september 26, 2005


Free morning but I did some school work from Sweden. Went to the training ground about half past 12.

Today we only had a gym session, no football training. Hard training but good for me.

All foreign players are going home the last wednesday in October. I think it's the 26th October. But I will maybe not come home because they think I haven't been here for so long. we will see about that..


At 27 september, 2005 17:50, Blogger Marcus Axelsson said...

Ciaô tobias!...

It´s fun to hear from you nearly every day...much people ask" how it´s going for Tobias over there?" and i answer " just fine"...hehe

But I´m afraid that you gonna be a monster-steak and I never more is going to tackle you again...it sounds like you spend a lot of time on the gym...

But here,at home, we keep going..last weekend we won the league and tje j-dm final...it was great...today the elitserie in ice-hockey starts for VF...the play i Ö-vik against Modo..I hope the win, cause i have bet....=)

Keep writing and enjoy the life as proffesional football player, evert little boy´s dream.../mackan


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