tisdag, oktober 25, 2005


There will be no update until Monday..

lördag, oktober 22, 2005


We won again! The fourth match of four we have won this month. Feels great!

But this win was weird, altough we deserved to win if you see to the whole match.

I played from start. We did the first goal after a corner. 1 - 0 in half time. We should have done some more goals, I shot in the post... In second half we played worse and I changed when it was 20 min left. I had 2 more opportunities which I should have scored, but it still stood 1 - 0. About 5 min after I changed MK Dons scored with a free kick. We tried to push forward for a winner, but then we did a mistake at the back so they could score a fantastic volleygoal.

1 -2 i 88onde minuten...

Vi gav dock inte upp o direkt pa avspark sprang Morgan igenom 3-4 man innan han fick en frispark. Han tog den sjalv och Gardner nickar pa nagot konstigt satt over malvakten. 2 - 2 i 89onde minuten. i 91 forsta minuten gor vi sa 3 - 2 efter ett snyggt mal efter ett anfall fran hogerkanten dar bollen touchar fem av vara spelare innan den gar stolpe in! Snacka om handelserik match tankte man da.. Och de holl pa att bli annu varre.. Dom tog sin avspark snabbt o drog en langball pa hogerkanten, dom kom forbi o slog ett inlagg som en av vara forsvarare precis hinner fore deras anfallare o slar bort bollen. Slut...


The first one is with match result, but the table is wrong. Look at the second to see the "real table". But it's hasn't been updated with all the matches from today.

fredag, oktober 21, 2005

Today we only had an easy training. About 30 min warm-up and just 20 min of small excercises. oh.. I forgot to say that we were in the gym before the training and did the usual core-programme... Before we ate and went home everyone had to clean the first team boots. Except me.. Because I arrived late so they already had done the list which boots you have to clean.. Now I'm just cleaning my own... And on my way home I bought PES5.

Yesterday was a hard day. Gym session and two football sessions... I went to sleep almost directly after the dinner...

Tomorrow we have match against MK Dons away. I think we must be at the training ground about 8 o'clock so I will probably go to sleep early today aswell.

bth.. we are in the top of the group now with 17 points while the second placed team has 15. In fact we have met the 4 top five teams in our group...

onsdag, oktober 19, 2005


College.. ok... went home and slept for an hour.. ate 6 0'clock.. watched on football (chelsea vs betis)..

Now i'm sitting in front of the computer after waiting 3 hours for it..

tisdag, oktober 18, 2005


I forgot to write yesterday because I was tired. I am tired now as well.

Yesterday we trained in the gym, and we who didn't plau much in the game ran in 12 min after that.

Today we trained two sessions, both football. The first session was one-on-one defending and attacking. I scored some goals so it was good for my confidence...

Tomorrow I will go to college..

söndag, oktober 16, 2005


Today I have done nothing. It isn't so much to say. I did some homework, that is pretty much what I did...

lördag, oktober 15, 2005

4 - 0

At least we won.. I think that is the only thing that was good. Maybe that I played from start was a good thing, but now with the result it would have been better if I sat on the bench...

I played only 30 min before i changed. I played like crap and I was just tired when I ran. It was my own decision to go off but I think like I played the manager would have taken me out after the break...

The Physio think I maybe have a virus or something, it would be strange otherwise if I was tired after 30 min..

fredag, oktober 14, 2005


Day before match, only one session;
One football session in the morning, which was an easy training, was the only thing we did today. Because of that we could go home at 12 o'clock.

And today I played against Erik.. Pro Evalution Soccer 4 on Playstation 2 at his dig. I won with 10 - 4 in matches.

Biggest win for me: 7 - 1
Biggest win for him: 5 - 1
Most goals scored in a match: 12 (8 - 4 to me)

Tomorrow is an important match! We will meet Cardiff and they have same point as us.

torsdag, oktober 13, 2005


Finally I trained with the team again! Even though it was an easy training I really enjoyed being out and play football. I haven't played since I went off the game, due injury, on saturday. Hopefully I can play at my best on this saturday. I spoke to the academy manager and he said that it will probably be a person from Sweden who will see my match on saturday and it was important to me to be fit. I'm not totally sure, but I think it is someone from the swedish under-18 team. It wouldn't be wrong to come home to Sweden on national duty from time to time...

Two sessions in the morning (one in the gym) and one session after Lunch. The session after Lunch was only Football-Baseball and Football-Cricket.

We played Great Britain against rest of the world. I was the server for both teams in Football-Baseball. We had to change server when we were playing Football-Cricket because of many protests from the Great Britain team. (The world team won the Football-Baseball game and GB blaimed me for giving them better passes... )

...Great Britain won the Football-Cricket...

onsdag, oktober 12, 2005


Today I was In College. My first lesson started half past nine and my last lesson ended half past two. After that I went to Erik's dig and played some Pro Evalution Soccer. When I went home to my dig it was raining. The streets were filled with water so I think it had rained pretty much all the time I was there.

tisdag, oktober 11, 2005


In the morning I did some swedish school work while the others did something else. After that I saw the physio and took some ice on my back. I didn't train with the team today because of my injury, I was just working with the physio. But it wasn't just me who was injured, we were 8 lads who trained with the physio.

I will probably train with the team on wednesday because tomorrow we only have College. I will have english lessons from 9 to 15.

Lite om min forsta match..


måndag, oktober 10, 2005

Easy day

Today was my first day in College. My english lesson started about ten past ten and ended half past one. But because I am training with Villa after Lunch I could go half past twelve instead. The lesson went pretty well but I feel that my English can improve very much if I will continue to go the lessons. But I am learning Speaking English all the time as well.

I didn't do so much on the training session today (we were only in the gym) because " jag har ont i sidan av ryggen efter att jag sprang ihop med malvakten pa matchen i lordags. " I will probably not train with the team tomorrow either, and wednesdays we are just in College. So next time I will train again should hopefully be on Thursday.

söndag, oktober 09, 2005

Day Off

I went to the training ground for a medical examination.. It took only 30 min and then I went home. So now I have just relaxed, played some PS2 and done some homework. Tomorrow will be my first day in school... No more sleep in the mornings but sundays

lördag, oktober 08, 2005


We won with 2 -0 and I didn't scored. I was in the starting eleven but an injury stopped me from playing the second half. The score was 2 -0 when I went off. They played hard and just kicked the ball as long as they could. At least we try to play the ball around when we can..

Our second goal was fantastic! Nice play ended with a strong header in the bar and down and out. It was one of the Linesman who decided it was a goal..

Tomorrow we usually have a day off, but I am going to the training ground because I'm injured.

fredag, oktober 07, 2005

easy day

Today we only had an easy training in the morning before we ate lunch and went home. Tomorrow will we meet Reading. It seems that Reading is far away from here because we are leaving from the training ground quarter past 8 in the morning...

torsdag, oktober 06, 2005

Hard day...

It all began with the gym. Chris and I were finished last as usual. Then we only had about 30 min till the first football session. We played 7 vs 7 and I was terrible bad today. It wasn't much who went good for me. I played terrible bad. But you can't play at yoour best all the time.. Hopefully I will play better tomorrow otherwise I would be surprised if I get selected in the starting eleven.

After Lunch we had only an easy training. It was many small competitions and we played in the same team as before Lunch. It didn't go well for me then either but it went a little bit better...

onsdag, oktober 05, 2005


Today I had a day off so me and my sister went in to Birmingham. There I spent some money.. I think I spent a bit over 200 quid.

Yesterday we only had one training before we got the afternoon off. Then I went to school to do an English test to see which group I would be in. So on Monday I will study some English in the morning. And I will also have some English on Wednesdays. -

måndag, oktober 03, 2005


Today I had no training in the morning because it's college day. After Lunch we should have had 2 trainings but because some players was going to sit on the bench on the reserve match we only had 1 session. It was the gym session...

Vi e 11 forsta-ars-juniorer.. 3 fran England, 2 fran Sverige, 2 fran Irland, 2 fran Australien, 1 fran Ungern & 1 fran Nordirland

andra-ars-juniorerna ar bara 7 men dar e det 5 st fran England 1 fran Irland och 1 fran Nordirland.

söndag, oktober 02, 2005


Today I went with my sister to Birmingham. We walked around in some shops before we were seeing Aston Villa play against 'boro' on Villa Park. The match ended 3 - 2 to 'boro'.

My neck still hurts and I'm not sure if I can train tomorrow. The reserves has a match tomorrow so some of our players will be called in for that match.

lördag, oktober 01, 2005

My first match!

The manager had told me that I hadn't got my clearence yet and I shouldn't play this game. But when I came to the training ground he told me I could play this match. Luckily I have all my equipment at the training ground.

The match started badly for us. They scored after only 2 min with a shot from a long distance. After 15 I scored my first goal for Aston Villa. The right back passed a slow ball back to the goalie. I got the ball in front of the goalie and just ran around him, I scored from about 2 m..

I also had a "frilage" but I shot in the side netting. My sister got a very good picture of my opportunity.

After about 30-35 min the goalie fell over me. So I have now some pain in my neck, but nothing is broken. I played until the 65 min, though. We won with 4 -1. It stood 3 -1 when I left the field.

Now i'm going out to eat with my sister.. Hopefully we also will se a movie.